Hi Jill,
My hubbie and I just opened the package of hammocks and WOW we are both just blown away by the craftwomanship!
My rat girls are sleeping now...so I don’t want to disturb them...but as soon as they wake up for their evening playtime, I am going to redecorate with my new Dearpie works of art!
We have not tried photographing them yet...but when we do I will send you a pic.
You really do magnificent work and your products look and feel not only beautiful but very sturdy and 100% rat safe!
Many thanks again!
~ Annie
Rattie kisses, finger nibbles, and a boggling brux from Stella and Ruby too!

First off let me say my girls LOVE their hammock, they look so dejected when it goes to be washed & rush straight into it as soon as it comes back. There’s one who would never come out if she got the chance.. The ratties have ‘improved’ on your design in their own way, so they can now, sneak between the lining & peep out the freshly chewed corners. The fact that the hammock is still in one piece & useful after 6 months is amazing, and testament to the quality & durability – and I have 4 rats using this!
The only thing I would recommend to future buyers is buy at least 2 of whichever hammock you get!!!!! Your rats will thank you. Great value. ~Bronwyn

Pie- Just wanted to let you know that I received my Coffee Time Hammock. It is beautiful!! Thank you Thank you!
The quality of the hammock is superlative. I even turned the hammock inside out and I didn't see any exposed seams. For us who have nibblers..this is a HUGE plus. ~Icedragon

Yep and I LOVE that hammock! I received three hammocks from dearpie and simply LOVE them. I hadn't planned on using them in the rat cages, but now that I have them I KNOW they will not be used in the rat cages. My rats love devouring hammocks and these are simply too cute! They will be used to photograph litters and such but that's it. I just love them! I'll order more hammocks for the rats. ~Melina

I love Derapie's hammocks! I have ordered about 8 already! (I'm stocking up on them so my rats will never go without! ) Kisses to Dearpie for her wonderful hammocks! Kisses from my rats Lily and Sweetie to Dearpie! ~Smillee

My humungous sushi hammock arrived recently. What a better way to give to a great rescue AND get a kool new napping place! Thanks Dearpie! ~Meeshski

I HIGHLY recommend Dearpie's hammocks!!! I just ordered two of them, and got them.. last week, I believe. They're great!!! I got the XL ones, and they stretch all the way across my ratty cage - and both of my ratties love them. Very well sewn, fabric is great, etc... very well done. ~Dawn

I've been out of town, but I wanted to let you know, my hammocks came on Saturday! The ladies LOVE them! They're so soft, snuggly, and warm. Well made, quickly shipped, I have nothing but good things to say about these. Thank you so much, Dearpie! ~Chipmunkira

OMG Pie, I came home and my hammies were here!!! They are so soft and comfi *I* want a giant sized one for my couch so I can crawl into it!!! Tomorrow (Sunday) is cage cleaning day, so they get a brand new DearPie Hammie to sleep in!! I can't wait. These are absolutely GREAT hammies Pie. I'm very impressed. You've got a costumer forever!! ~Taku

I just got my hammock today!! It looks so perfect with the adorable Mint Mice fabric and the wonderful stitching that I hate to put it in with the rats, haha!! My girls are so messy- they eat their lab blocks in their hammock so there's always crumbs and a few raisins...
It's such a high quality lovely hammock. Better than I had even imagined. ~Star2

I've purchased quite a few hammies from you , Pie, and as always, I'm so impressed with them. Today I opened the ones I got in the mail yesterday. How beautiful!!! My babies just LOVE LOVE LOVE your hammies. Cage cleaning comes later today, so I'm gonna try to take pics of them with their "newer" hammies. I wish I had taken pics all along in their Pie hammies. ~Taku

Dearpie - as usual, the quality astounds me. My latest batch of hammies arrived today - JUST in time for the kiddos Christmas. And no more teasing on the fabrics, darn it! I already want to order four more!!!! Ugh. Give me a few days and I should be ordering a bit more. I absolutely adore these. I know I'm not supposed to be partial since I have so many rescues that sell hammies I buy from, but I really love these. ~Shadowwolf

He is one HAPPY customer! And so am I. Thanks again Pie! I especially love how well these ones hold up in the wash, and that my boys don't chew them like they do their square hammies! Kinda wierd, but nice for me. Wink My girls are using one of our two right now as well, as they love it, too! They're a hit all around. Thanks again, Pie! ~Wishing4rats

My boys love their hammocks. Thank you thank you! Finally a hammock that they will sleep in. It's so cute. I woke up this morning to find all five boys sleeping in the large hammock. Some under the covered part and others on top of them on the outside! It was so cute. I'm very happy with them. ~1lila1

I got the hammocks!! Thank you so much, Jill, for the fast delivery!!
They are awesome. Too bad I can't keep them. Oh well, the ratties that will get them deserve it! I will be decorating my friend's rattie cage on Wednesday (Sunday never worked out). I can't wait. The other hammock will be sent to a very nice family in PA. I love the prints!! ~Astrid

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Dearpie, we got the hammocks this past Monday and I put the double decker right in the cage. The boys have NOT gotten out of it yet, I swear! They come out to eat, that's about it. I haven't put the triangle ones in yet because we're rearranging the cage so frequently (trying desperately to solve some territorial issues) and I want to finish fixing it up first. I think I am going to be ordering another double decker or two so that when this one is chewed or gets smelly enough to where the washing machine can't help anymore, I have some ready! ~Roxy's Ratties

Pie.. I just have to say.. THANK YOU!!!! Your hammocks have tamed the Savage Beast! ~Javakittie

I ordered the girls their first Dearpie hammocks and they LOVE them! I've had a hard time getting pictures since they are always snuggled inside them. I did manage to get one of Peach though. ~Werecatrising