Happy Customers!

Who better to show you how happy they are with the hammocks but the rats themselves?


Audrey and Emma clearly adore their new Dearpie Hammock!

"The new babies, Ivy and Lilly, have finally arrived, and they
absolutly love their hammock. Thank you so much." ~ Cassi

PickleGrooven and NuttyGoose hanging out in their new pouch.

Jasmine & Juniper love their new medium corner hammock!

Remi enjoying his new hammock "Thanks Dearpie!"

Scallion enjoying her new wall basket

Alba cosy in her wall hammock!

I adopted a rat from Maine Rat Rescue and put in one of the hammocks you made...instant success!! Here is Gulliver, he's is sitting in it..

Koko loves to his matching hammock!

They have arrived...a hit already! They are beautiful...thanks so much!!! That was fast, too! I attached a picture of Tinkerbell and Templeton.

This is Nelly, a long time customer. She thinks she looks beautiful in this yellow mouse-print fabric!

Kiefer loves to snuggle up in his dino hammock!

Darrin thinks his Sponge Bob hammock is JUST right!

Minnie thinks sushi is GREAT!

Morgan loves this no pocket hammock.

Peso, chilling outin his no pocket hammock.